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for Oracle Primavera P6
PrimaReport is a project reporting app for your Primavera project team.  When you upload your projects to PrimaReport, your team members can view reports about project on their mobile devices such as project health report card, project cashflow, project budget requirements, etc
How PrimaReport works
Export project from Primavera P6 in XML format. Go to website and click Upload Project to upload P6 project to PrimaReport. Using PrimaReport app, team members can view reports about P6's project health, cashflow, budget requirments and resource usage on their mobile devices.
Export P6 Project to XML File
In Primavera P6, open project that you want to upload to PrimaReport. Select Export from the File menu and then choose Primavera P6 - (XML) for Export Format and click Next. Select the project to export and click Next. Uncheck Export all project level layouts and click Finish. When done, goto website to upload the project XML file.
Upload P6 Project
Go to website and select Upload Project. Login PrimaReport using your Facebook account, Google account or create your own account then select the P6 project XML file and click Upload Project Now.