Frequently Asked Questions

What is PrimaReport?

PrimaReport is the reporting app for Primavera P6. By exporting and uploading your P6 project XML file to PrimaReport, your team members can view reports about project health, performance, budget, cost and resource usage, etc. on their mobile devices

What version of Primavera P6 does PrimaReport support?

PrimaReport supports Primavera P6 8.0 or later.

What devices does PrimaReport support?

PrimaReport is available for all devices running Apple iOS 8+.

How do I sign up to use PrimaReport?

PrimaReport is available on iOS devices. Download from the App Store here.

How do I get started?

Using PrimaReport is easy:

  1. Download the mobile app here.
  2. In Primavera P6, open and export your project to a XML file format.
  3. Go to PrimaReport website and select Upload Project.
  4. Open PrimaReport app on your mobile devices to view reports about project performance, health, budget, cost and resource usages, etc.

What is the cost of PrimaReport?

PrimaReport is free of charge for the first month after that you can renew the subscription thru In-App Purchase.

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